The Concept

This project is not about 100 words. It is about inspiration and passing it on. It seeks nothing but existence and here it is.

Inspiration found the artists on this page and, together, they created something. This in turn found me and, with that inspiration, I created something else. Now, my excerpts find you and my hope is that you find inspiration, and create something too. This project, could equally be called “Inspired Whispers”.

The first couple of journeys I took with inspiration, shaped how I would come to work with artists and then present our work.

The process:

  1. I see a piece of art that captures my attention – in this way it chooses me because I have something in me to which it wants to relate.
  2. Then, I have a conversation with the piece (sometimes quite literally) and, through this, I find the clues about the story that exists around it. Sometimes this will give me a whole story and, at others, just part.
  3. Having done this, I use my notes to write a 100 word excerpt from a book, that involves this piece of art.
  4. At this point, I contact the artist, explain the project and see if they’d like to take part – sharing my writing first.
  5. If they are interested, I offer them an opportunity to share their reflection on the inspiration behind their piece of art, and how they created it, and I share mine. This is the highlight of the project for me, and it has been a pleasure discussing the creative powers at play.
  6. I then publish the work on this blog and my social media channels, which is where you are now! We hope that you enjoy what you see and read.