The art

Courtesy of @AubryJoi on Twitter.

The writing

The Artist’s reflection:

“I drew this because I love to draw bats but hadn’t in a while and wanted to get back into that! I just felt like the bat was kind of a nerdy, anxious friend trying their best!”

@AubryJoi, 20th June 2019.

The author’s reflection:

“This piece involved aspects I’d previously avoided – namely a children’s story and an animal character!

I was flicking through twitter and the cuteness of Aubry’s bat really caught my eye. The bat had a meekness that I decided had to be reflected in the character’s description yet I decided that it hid a much bolder, principled character beneath .

I also decided that, if the bat was human, it would be school aged – and may be facing some existential crisis. But what could this be? The obvious answer involved flying and, along with the idea of the bat being a student, decided that this would be flying as part of some sort of sport’s team.

Currently, the FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place and gaining a much belated increase in international coverage. This definitely influenced my decision to place an added significance to this bat joining a team and bringing about change.

But what should this bat be called? After a quick online search I decided on “Myskia” which is an old Swedish/medieval Scandinavian word for “bat”.

This was when I started writing.”

– Andrew Shore, 20th June 2019.

One thought on ““Myskia”

  1. This image is fantastic.
    Something about those little fingers at the mouth and that concerned look…
    Reading the motivation for it makes it all come together.

    Outstanding little sketch. I don’t usually go for color, but this single-color actually turned out wonderfully.


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