The art

This post is different from my previous posts, in the sense that I cannot identify the artist whose art inspired my writing. As you can see from below, she gave herself the username “roaminginthedepths” on DeviantArt.com – her profile says her name is Samantha and she is from Canada. This also means that I cannot hear or share her reflections on her art which is a shame – particularly as 100 people have marked the art as a “favourite”. Perhaps you know her, or could share this post to help bring her perspective as well as permission to share her image. Many thanks, Andy.

The Writing:

Author’s Reflection:

I am a big fan of horror and the image that inspired this piece spoke to that part of me. It’s a real shame that I haven’t been able to find the artist, as it really is a “creepy” image and I’d love to hear her reflections on this character.

I started by working out what exactly it was that made it so creepy to me. The subject had very whispy and untidy eyebrows protruding from a pronounced forehead. He also had 4 long, individual hairs on his pointed chin but no other facial hair. This suggested he had never shaved, and had not succumbed to (or even experienced) the pressures society placed on beauty and appearance. I decided that he had no experience of the outside world and had been kept captive since birth.

A long, pointed witch-like nose swooped down the face where it was accompanied by large cyst or lump in the crease of the cheek. However; the element that creeped me out the most, was that he had no eye lashes. It looked both unnatural and told of a person whose eyes had no protection from that to which they had been exposed. This made me think of his as a victim whose pathology of witnessing torture and murder had led to an abnormal love map.

His eyes were wide and light as if struck by awe which contrasted with the sags beneath them – suggesting tiredness after a long drawn our experience. I decided this awe was from seeing something beautiful for the first time. To me, this had to be a girl and be the beginning of his story … however that may turn out …

That is when I started to write.

Andrew Shore, 21st January 2019

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