The Art:

“Tia” by Craig Everett (@zxq9_notits)

The writing:

The Artist’s Reflection:

“The first Tia I met was the one concerned about people, not really the tough side of her. After a particularly rough sequence of events on the FOB we lived at I saw the tough face come out, and I just happened to capture it in a photo once and wanted to draw it. ”

Craig Everett , 15th January 2019.

The Author’s Reflection:

“When I looked at this image I was hit by the power that this person had. She was gripped by the knowledge that she was right, but I felt that, somehow, she had had to fight for it. There seemed to have been a lot in her past that she had overcome to get to this point.

In this particular moment, I felt she was asserting the fact that she had earned her entitlement to live how she wanted to live. The flicking of the bird, and protruding tongue was a signal to warn others that she was coming through and she wouldn’t stop for anybody or anything. She had no regrets, and nor would she have any in the future.

The timing of finding this image was significant as it was right at the inception of this project. I was a mixture of nerves and excitement at reconnecting with my creative self.

This image told me that I could go forward with conviction; that I was entitled to seek inspiration and write; and that I should just enjoy the moment and let everything else pass.

That’s when I started to write.”

Andrew Shore, 15th January 2019.

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