The Art:

“Laundry” by @BeckySketchbook (Twitter)

The Writing:

The Artist’s Reflection:

“I wanted to draw a rooftop scene that told a story, so I drew … siblings out to hang up the clothes (or take them down, depending on how you look at it). I imagined the older brother was the responsible one actually doing the task, and the little sister as just taking a seat and chatting her head off .”

@BeckySketchbook, 14th January 2019.

The Author’s Reflection:

“I loved the characters in “Laundry” and their relationship was something that hit me. Also there was a sense of “duty” in what they were doing – although the girl seemed to have more of a free spirit and wasn’t engaging with the work, unlike the boy. I decided they were siblings hanging out their mother’s laundry.

I then thought of the boy’s perspective, especially as you can’t see his face – I decided he was looking at his sister with the bra obscuring the view. This made me wonder if he was contemplating her growing up and what sort of woman she’d become. Perhaps a free-spirited woman like his mother.

With this in mind, I wondered how they’d interact when they were older. Perhaps when their mother wasn’t around anymore. That’s when I decided they would still be incredibly close and stay true to their younger personalities.

I wondered how they would cope when their mother passed away, and that is when I decided that the picture was a flash back the boy was experiencing in the immediate aftermath of his mother’s death.

That’s when I started writing.”

Andrew Shore, 14th January 2019.

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