“A Peaceful Night …”

The Art:

“A peaceful night …” by @Danajj286

The Writing:

The Artist’s Reflection:

“One day I was talking to a friend in a park, it was a sentimental talk, but the park was very noisy, so I did not know where to look, so I looked up, then I found this scene, it seemed very nice to me, but there was no way to take a picture, so then I drew it.”

@Danajj286, January 17th 2019

The Author’s Reflection:

“There is a cold illumination in this image. With the full moon, it is the time when you see most of the night’s secrets. From this point, the moon is waning which gave me sense of darkness descending, that the light will weaken in the coming days. I decided that this would foreshadow the end of something in this story.

I put the tree at the centre of the story – of its world – which made me think it was the Tree of Life. This then gave me an image of a circle where life was growing out from the centre. The further away from the centre, the less ‘in touch’ you were with the ‘nature’ of this world. I decided that the world would have a consciousness and would be aware that this was happening.

This gave me a feeling that the story would be about the withdrawal of life, back in on itself which so I asked myself “why would this happen?”

I decided that this would be because Life (the conscious world) was spread too thin, that it had been watered down too much and that people were starting to value their own beauty and life, rather than respecting its origins. The world now viewed humans as a disease and would need to begin a healing process. This would take the form of removing all the creativity, art and joy that that they now took for granted or, as I said thought came from themselves.

So what was the relationship between this nature (Life) and the person looking up at the sky? They clearly appreciated nature, hence the drawing of this scene, therefore they were different from the others. They could be the hero to this story.

This is when I started to write.”

Andrew Shore, 17th January 2019.

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